CrazyCall - Call Panel

CrazyCall’s Call Panel is an interface to make telesales calls by agents. The main goal is to be as easy in use as possible (limiting learning curve and time to put agent to work is crucial) and to minimise an amount of agents errors or mistakes during entering data. Also with my team, we tried to make an UI that is pleasant and gives calm, positive emotions for stressed agents.

The whole project was a big research and development process that involved hours of interviews, observations, analysis of documents or other artefacts. As a part of the team, I joined training for agents and tired of selling products in telesales campaigns to see how different managers and their staff work and how is to be a part of such team.

Call Panel finally scored 7/10 in NPS by agents, and in CCIG (large call centre that tested CrazyCall) was preferred tool for making calls by agents.

Project scope: Personas, Interviews, Contextual Inquiry, Quantitive Research, Artefacts Analysis, Custome Journey, Wireframes, Prototyping, UI design, Usability Tests



crazycall-call-panel (2)


dss - 05


Call Panel question form

crazycall-call-panel-2 (2)

And Axure prototype ready for testing



One of many user flows.
Here are possible actions an agent can take when speaking with an indecisive prospect and how Call Panel should guide him.


Wireframes and first ideas for selecting another number associated with a company to call


Prototype for this feature made in Axure and tested with three agents

different number