CrazyCall - Manager Panel

Crazy Call’s Manager Panel is a complex tool that allows creating and managing outbound campaigns. With a set of wizards, script creator or importers even most advanced campaigns can be created.

Creating Manager Panel was an ongoing, two years project.

The whole project was a big research and development process that involved hours of interviews, observations, analysis of documents or other artefacts. As a part of the team, I joined training for agents and tried selling products in telesales campaigns. All to see how different managers and their staff work and how is to be a part of such team.

Project scope: Personas, Interviews, Contextual Inquiry, Quantitive Research, Artefacts Analysis, Custome Journey, Wireframes, Prototyping, UI design, Usability Tests

Analytics and couple of wizards were key features. We defined KPI’s with all possible ways how it can be measured and how different users handle this information. Scenarios and use cases were considered: for novice managers and those who understand perfectly changes in particular metrics. Also, grouping team statistics and dealing with changes to past events were solved.

Many ideas were not developed due to lower priories. Between things at the deep end of backlog are charts showing a speed of records consumption by agents, a tool for forecasts, sale goals and tool to distribution goals between teams and agents and much more.


Some part of architecture of Manager Panel



One of the screens in full view

crazycall-pm (1)


crazycall-pm (5)

campaign_wizard 4




Wireframes for functionality of setting team and agents goals.

crazycall-pm photos

dodawanie emial

Axure prototype





Wallboards for particular campaigns or teams were designed and developed. After observations, some changes were made to shown data.