CrazyCall Script Creator

Script Creator is a tool to design visually scripts and forms used by agents. Most difficult aspect of this part of an interface was handling dependencies between answers and jumps between questions.

Project scope:

  1. Research: analysis of tasks and artefacts, interviews with managers
  2. Analysis of similar solutions in other industries
  3. Paper prototyping and testing
  4. Low-fi mockups and prototyping and validation of different ideas and possible solutions
  5. Final design and development supervision




Such script is then translated to Call Panel:


Some ideas and versions that were left behind

crazycall-pm (3)

Some sketches, wireframes and ideas how to build a script. Some ideas were from CrazyCall’s team,
some were inspired by observing and interviewing call centre managers.


Some prototypes in Axure used as a demo and to validate idea

Bez nazwy-8



First approach to drag-n-drop design

Bez nazwy-5


Very first version inspired by Google Forms and made in bootstrap which did not meet requirements of jumps and dependencies

ankieta - tworzenie 2