Payzard is a plugin for websites that makes possible to add credit card payments without a single line of code. With a set of wizards, a website owner can create payment buttons or subscription plans. With a dashboard, users can track their sales and transactions.

This project started as a small workshop on Business Model Canvas and led through different conceptions, paths and scenarios. Paper wireframes and many prototypes were created to find the easiest and simplest way of creating payments and connecting a payment gateway like Stripe.

Final things were website, logo, name and video tutorial. The project is in an early beta stage now.


Untitled Project

Video showing whole setup process

All interactions, UI elements and were created from an idea, through paper, prototypes and Photoshop. The process still needs a lot of improvements, but we keep testing, tracking behaviour and fixing slips and errors.

Screens from dashboard:



Axure protypes were made to test user flows.


The final thing was a website and a design of signup process.