– UX consultancy

I support Vitrius (current name is Fundrbird) team in finding best solutions for their product – a communication platform for Dutch investors and fund managers. Key points are: optimisation of reporting and voting processes, improving a usability of forms and wizards, redefining system information architecture and putting the team on user-focused track.

It was more than 40h of consulting, training and meetings that changed team development process to one focused on user, not features.


User experience issues resulting from the complexity of this platform were the main subject of consultancy. How to make interaction and system easier?


With Fundrbrid team a couple of workshops were made. Also, I audited the platform and supported stakeholders in decisions about navigation system and improvements of functionality.

Change from feature-driven to user-driven development was the most important goal.

UX workshops and design areas

Customer journey
Task analysis
Usability audit