Product / UX Designer
from Zurich

I specialise in web and mobile applications; user flow optimisation; conversion rate optimisation; startups; user experience design

With business knowledge, IT background and human-centered approach I help both startups and large companies to fill in the gap between users and technology. Problem solving is what I love!

Every touchpoint matters.

I take UX design as a constant improvement of all those small details that create one, big machine.

UX strategy for products

To deliver a promised value to clients a company needs to face challenges, align team goals, decide what actions should be undertaken and how to measure it all. Simply even a great product idea needs a UX strategy and some plan. That’s where I can help.

Technology and business

Understanding of business goals is required to determine what value can be offered. But without knowing possibilities and limitations of today’s technology it is impossible to deliver the promise. Luckily, I have an excellent sense of new trends and software behind them.

UX design process

I love when whole design process can be done by the book: empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test. And again. A visual design part should be only a polishing. However, sometimes it is impossible to follow design thinking rules, and beeing flexible and agile is necessary.

Things do not start in Sketch.