CrazyCall Script Creator

I was a Product Designer in that project

Script Creator was a tool that allowed call centre managers to design scripts used by agents. Scripts and forms with various paths, sets of answers, jumps and dependencies between answers were core features.


The main issue behind Script Creator was a need of IT support in creating scripts. Call centre managers could not make any changes without programming skills. Because scripts required to be changed often and quickly, managers couldn’t afford the waste of time or agents errors. A tool that would put managers in control position was needed.


A drag-n-drop interface was created. It allowed managers to design scripts made of different types of questions or answers, with a functionality of jumps between sections and setting up dependencies for various choices.

My role as an UX/UI designer was to find and bring a solution to life. It all started with an identification of users needs and analyse existing scripts to gather possible scenarios and use cases. Interviews were crucial here and with contextual inquiry, it gave a reasonable point for first ideas and prototypes. I designed multiple solutions to get the one that covered a major area of needs with an easy to use interface. The final stage of my role in this project was supervising front-end developers and preparing plans for further development.

UX designer toolbox


Contextual inquiry
Analysis of artefacts and processes
Tests and validation with users


Paper & Pencil
Photoshop, Illustrator
InVision App, Axure
HTML/CSS, Bootstrap

Design areas

Ideation with the team
Proto-Personas and Personas
Paper prototyping
Wire-frames and feasibility study
High-fidelity prototyping / graphic design

Multiple solutions and ideas were validated, prototyped and tested

The Very first idea, inspired by Google Forms and quickly prototyped in bootstrap,  did not meet requirements of jumps and dependencies. Also, it was hard to use for larger scripts.

Note: Since CrazyCall made recently a pivot towards SMBs and small call centre large scripts are no longer needed. The team decided to came back to this idea and use it again. Further development of drag-n-drop version was put aside.

Tree building with some drag-n-drop elements. This approach failed all more complex scripts with versatile paths.
A full drag-n-drop solution was designed with cooperation with users and developers. Although it couldn’t cover all problems and complexity solution was approved. Matrix creator was added to support extremely complex dependencies like tariffs plans.

Wireframing and prototyping

The process of designing this tool involved all areas of UI design. From paper prototyping, through low-fi mockups, high fidelity prototypes and cooperation with front-end developers. All stages were verified with users and stakeholders.