I was a UX / UI Designer in that project

Luxsfery is a startup that combines eCommerce with personal stylist consultancy. It operates in men fashion industry and virtually helps men to be stylish and well dressed. To achieve that a set of interactions and customer journeys (both on the website and real) were created: from setting up an account to returning clothes or telephone conversations.


How to create a setup that is comfortable for men (not knowing a lot about fashion and style) and how to activate them to become loyal clients.


A whole process of sign up, client’s profiling and ordering. Apart from those hours of consulting and user experience design tasks were done. With the client, we created personas, mapped whole order flow and user journey. A responsive website was designed as well.

UX designer toolbox


Analysis of competition
Analysis of user behaviour
Contextual inquiry
Analysis of artefacts and processes

Design areas

Customer Jurney
Paper prototyping
Graphic design
Pitching the project


Paper & Pencil
Photoshop, Illustrator
InVision App, Axure

Changing the signup process to get more clients

The initial signup process was a six-step journey about style and sizes. The problem with such approach was that majority of users didn’t know their sizes (which man does?!) which led to abandoning the process. Simply – leads were lost. Reverting it was a first good move (email and password were in the first step). Later on, questions about sizing were replaced by a phone call from a stylist (less problematic, more engaging and professional).

Small interactions

A small piece of interactions designed for Luxsfery. A process of accepting or rejecting received clothes is shown here.