I was a UX / UI Designer in that project

VoiceDock is a web-based tool for creating transcripts of recorded medical and legal documentations with automatic speech recognition. The key issue was to design an interface which was easy and fast in use while working with an automatically recognised voice. At this project, I had to challenge unusual interaction with an app – speech, voice and pedals.

voicedoc gif


Existing, desktop app needed a general redesign to make it a web-based SaaS. The unfriendly interface did not support complex tasks and high pace of work. The biggest UX challenge was limited access to final users – development team played a middle-man role here.


As UX/UI designer I was hired to create a new interface. The results were appreciated by stakeholders and developers. All that was achieved thanks to a thorough task analysis and meticulous examination of use case scenarios.

UX designer toolbox


Analysis of artefacts and processes
Task analysis

Design areas

Proto-Personas and Personas
Paper prototyping
Wire-frames and feasibility study
High-fidelity prototyping
Pitching the project


Paper & Pencil
Photoshop, Illustrator
InVision App, Axure

A dashboard shows a status of work. How many transcribers currently work, how many transcriptions are waiting in a queue and what is a status of automatic voice recognition.